TACT180 / Automatic slab loader

TACT180 / Automatic slab loader

Automatic loader and unloader for the automation of marble and granite processing lines.



TACT180 is an automatic loader/unloader for the automation of marble and granite processing lines. TACT180 loads the slabs directly from the storage on a swivel trestle and places them on the motorized roller conveyor that feeds the cutter or other CNC machine. TACT180 is CNC controlled and the suction cup panel can rotate 180 degrees.

The fast cycle time and smooth movements make the TACT180 suitable for both highly automated installations and workshops wishing to automate wafer loading. The digital control also allows for smooth arm movements without sudden changes in speed or direction that could cause the wafer to fall.

With 24 suction cups on 6 arms, the TACT180 has the capacity to cover the most giant wafers. Isolation valves are available on the suction cups to concentrate more suction on a specific arm part.

The operating software has been developed by Thibaut to be as simple and smooth as possible. It can be used in both automatic and manual modes.

Technical specifications

Number of suction cups N. 24
Max. dimensions of slabs mm x mm 3600 x 2000
Total electrical power kW 9
Max. total reach kg 1000
Max. rotation speed °/min 1080
Max. travel speed mm/min 4000


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