Bridge Saw / TC725 TOPS / 5-axis

Bridge Saw / TC725 TOPS / 5-axis

The TC725 is a true 5-axis numerically controlled sawing and shaping centre. The TC725 can automatically cut in all directions up to 250 mm thick or profile workpieces of all shapes. The 360° rotation of the head does not require a rotary table, which makes it a very compact machine.

Powerful, the TC725 has a spindle up to 19.9 kW (S6). Its variable speed from 0 to 6000 rpm and its various options give it a very high degree of autonomy and allow it to carry out all types of operations such as drilling, profiling, trimming, sawing, mitre cutting, and brushing, etc.

This is the TOPS version with Y 2600 mm with 2000 mm wide conveyor belt, right to left.


Technical data:

Working capacity mm
Version Ø AVS ACS
Stroke X 3880 3700 3600
Stroke Y 2600 3700
Stroke Z 700

Sawing capacity mm
Cutting thickness 250
Min. disc diameter 350
Max. disc diameter 750


Axes Speed m/min
X 40
Y 40
Z 15

A-axis tilt: 0°/90°

C-axis rotation: ±200°

Spindle motor power: 19.9kW (S6)

Tool rotation speed: 0/6000 tr/min

Total weight: 7300 kg

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Standard equipment:

Cross Laser Line Laser
2000 or 2600 mm wide carpet table Quick-opening housing
Touch-screen remote control 1/2 gas adapter for tools
Conveyor belt cleaning ramp Machine doors with 19″ console


Optional extras:

Grooving machine and table Stone washing ramp on exit
Camera Abrasive stone for tool sharpening
ACS (Angle Cut Solution) AVS (Automatic Vacuum Solution max. 750kg)
Entrance table Slab thickness sensor
Tool sensor



Pilot® Interface developed by Thibaut

logo pilot by thibaut

Express Jobs Powerful program including parametric shapes, very easy to use


T’Shape  3D shaping software
T’Cut  2D cutting software
Vein Matching Software  Software for 3D visualization of pieces with their veins
eT’CAM  2D shaping software designed for decoration
T’CAD/T’CAM  3D design and shaping software

Available versions:

M: A mechanically welded structure consisting of low walls on feet

AUTO: With automatic tool change

TOPS (Thibaut Optimized Processing Solution): Through-feed system to optimize the production of slabs

Thibaut Customer Service:

Bridge Saw TC725 5-axis stone cutting customer Service Thibaut

Our machines are connected to the internet and equipped with remote connection software with a firewall. This allows quick diagnosis and remote intervention by our Thibaut Customer Service technicians.

A Thibaut Customer Space will give you access to the available documentation of your Thibaut machines and you can make your requests to Thibaut Customer Service.

Quickly request a quote from your sales representative or via the contact form.

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