THIBAUT company in the past and today

1949: M. Henri Thibaut, M. Bernard Thibaut father own a garage and a maintenance shop.

1954: M. Henri Thibaut passes away.

1959: Mr Bernard Thibaut takes over the general mechanical activity adjoining the family garage. Keen for Mechanics, he develops his first machine for polishing slabs: the GB 10, first big success as more than 700 units have been sold.

affiche gb10

1964: Launching of the first flat polisher the GB 500.

affiche gb500

1966: Construction of a workshop of 600 m². 36 workers and first sales abroad.

1973: Construction of a  fabrication workshop of 1100 m² for the machine tools and offices for the R & D. 75 workers.

1983: The Co. continues to grow and invests in a plant of 2 500 m² for assembling and for headquarters. 107 workers.

1984: Thibaut launches the GB110 (multifunction manual machine). Over 800 of this machine have been sold today in 40 countries.

polisher machine gb110

1990: Thibaut produces his first granite polishing line slabs which is at this time a revolution in terms of productions.

1992: Construction of a plant of 2000m² to rationalize the fabrication on one site.
The kitchen tops market becomes important for Thibaut and for this reason, develops his first multi-purpose machine specialized towards this market – the T50.

1994: Thibaut invests in a computerized production flow.

1996: Thibaut invests in a performing CAD system for the R&D department.

1998: The founders of Thibaut, Mr et Mrs Bernard Thibaut retired, after 40 years of investment in the Co. 4000 machines sold in the five continents and after having made a brand name recognised worldwide for his quality.

1999: Calas Production is created in Castres for the production of bridge saw. The TC08, the first bridge saw is launched. Since then more than 400 machines have been installed.

2000 : Creation of a new After-sales Service in Ille et Vilaine called T.S.B. (Thibaut Structure Bretagne).

2002: Thibaut builds 865m² of new offices to answer the development of the demand. On this occasion, Thibaut reorganizes the offices in 3 mains department: Sales, Technique, Administration.

2003: Thibaut launches 5 new products: the CNC centre T818, the manual multifunction machine T108A, the edges polisher T58, the bridge saw TC04N & the wire saw for profiling TSC400.

t818 cn machine

2004: Construction of a centre of 600 m².for trials to support our R&D and for training customers or employees.

2005: Mr Bernard Thibaut passes away on May, 3rd 2005.

2007: THIBAUT reaches a turnover of 22 million €. 3 new CNC machines are introduced: TC750, T812, T858.

t812 cn machine stone

Introduction of T’Cad, T’Cam software. Installation of a new robotized spare parts magazine.

2009: 50 years of Thibaut
The Workshop of the « North Zone » becomes CMI – Industrial Mechanical Construction.

2010: Installation of new global management software in order to improve our process.

Launching of the T558, 4 axis machine for the architectural precast concrete industry.

2011: Thibaut confirms its expertise in the manufacture of machines for large-scale kitchen top production, developing and delivering a factory with the full process from cutting slabs to shipping the final product. Several notable internal actions on sustainable development: staff awareness, energy-saving, eco-design, painting station.

CMI, passed the ISO 9001 certification.

2012/ 2013: Launching of THIBAUT’s first machine robot TRANSFORMER and new 5 axis CNC machining centre T858V2 with PATENTED spindle pneumatical pressure.

Creation of new logo THIBAUT.

 robot transformer thibaut

2014: Merging of THIBAUT and the historical business partner CALAS

Launching of profiling and polishing centre T658.

2015: Launching of Octopod, the first smart hoseless and wireless pod in the world.

octopod vaccum thibaut

2016: Launching of a waterjet cutting machines range.

waterjet twj

2017: Launching of the machining centre “T818 TOPS” with its 2 tables for pendular work.
t818 tops

2018: Launching of the multifunction machine “T952” from the new All-In-One range: sawing + machining + polishing.
cn multifunction t912

2019: New TC625 5-axis sawing centre and new T812 V5 machining centre

tc625 thibaut sawing centre bridge saw cncCNC T812 Thibaut machining centre

Among the leaders

All those developments put Thibaut among the big manufacturers capable of answering most requests and offering various technologies. So, Thibaut offers global solutions for decoration, building, monuments, roadways… from the manual machine to the most automated systems such as our TOPS solutions (optimized production solution)

Thibaut turned towards the future…

In 10 years, Thibaut managed to develop a full range of CNC sawing and machining centres answering to the market needs and has always numerous projects and developments in the process.
Almost 60 years after manufacturing the first machine, Thibaut has more than 7000 machines all over the world.

Research & development

Thibaut launches not less than 2 to 4 new products every year.

This leads us to present innovative projects and to be fine-tuned to our customers’ needs.

Thibaut, 3 engineering and design departments at the service of the product innovation

Our know-how is backed by more than a half-century”s worth of experience.

Consistent investment in Research and Development ensures both our position as Leaders in the industry.

Attentively listening to our customer enables us to respond to your particular needs.

Research & development

Production and assembly

THIBAUT owns its workshop with 25 employees dedicated to manufacturing welded structures and mechanical parts of machines.

The assembly workshops are arranged in 2 production islands.

All our machines are checked electrically and mechanically before delivery.

Customer service

Our main values: innovation, quality, customer service.


Customer service

Commercial network

A competent, responsive and multilingual sales department.

With more than 7000 machines all over the world, THIBAUT is well known for its seriousness and quality, got over the years.

The strength of THIBAUT is to offer to its customers a wide choice among a range of  35 different machines: machining centres, multipurpose machines, sawing machines, milling machines, polishing machines, bushhammering machines, polishers, diamond wires and others, designed to shape all types of materials.

Commercial network

Commercial network

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