Thibaut second-hand machines and other brands

Are you looking for a second-hand machine? Perhaps a sawing, polishing or CNC machine?

You can find all the brand machines available below. We provide second-hand machines so that you can fully equip yourself with used machine tools. You will find that there is a selection of machining centers, sawing centers, multifunction machines and flat edge polishers to name but a few.

If you would like more details and an alert when a used machine becomes available, then please do register by leaving your name and email address. Our second-hand machines are added every month.

Thibaut can either be the seller or act as an intermediary between sellers and buyers alike.

That’s used Thibaut machines and other brands for the production, transformation and machining of nature stone and ceramics.

Here you will find a comprehensive list of used machinery for sale.


Used Thibaut T558 flat polisher

Used 3-axis Cobalm Idea Plus machining center

Second hand machining centre Thibaut T818 V2 M5

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