• Bridge Saw / TC600 TOPS 5 axes

    Bridge Saw / TC600 TOPS 5 axes

    5 axes CNC sawing center : sturdiness, power and performance


    Numerical sawing center, the TC600 can be used as a traditional sawing machine but also as a machining center, thanks to its 5 axes.
    Due to its beam of 1500 kg and its total weight of 6,2 tons, this machine is sturdy and largely dimensioned.
    The choice of materials and guidings guarantees optimum and constant accuracy and cutting quality.
    The motor power, 14 kW, combined with the machine design allow to get record cut speed performances !
    Shifting speed axes X and Y : 40 m/min, Z : 7m/min
    – Y longitudinal stroke : 2200 mm
    – X traverse stroke : 3800 mm
    – Z vertical stroke : 350 mm
    – Motorized head rotation 0 to 360° with 90° tilting
    – Sawing capacity with disc 600 mm : 200 mm.

    A real worldwide innovation !

    With our ACS (Angle Cutting System), all cuts can be made continuously without any stoppage, even the complete achievement of very corners (no more manual work).
    This 5 axes sawing center will change your cutting experience like no other.

    ACS Angle Cut Solution


    A Software fully developed by THIBAUT.

    • Take pictures of your slabs to detect and mark the defaults
    • Do some vein matching to present your customer a unique realization before
    • Create parametric shape or drawing
    • Cuts optimizing and material saving
    • Special program for Quartz and ceramic sinks cutting with disc/drilling/ACS System
    • 3D Simulation of cuts and indication of time to process the program


    Tool sensoring device to improve the quality of the work and extend the lifetime of the tools. Improves the quality of last cuts. Allows to mesure the diameter of discs and the height of milling tools and drills
    Vacuum located on an independant support

    This machine is also capable of cutting porcelain tiles, roof tiles, floor tiles, ceiling tiles.

    Customer reviews on the machine
    Note : 4.1/5 based on 12 reviews

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