• The multifunction cnc machine from “All-in-one” Thibaut range

    The multifunction cnc machine from “All-in-one” Thibaut range

    The new 6-axis multifunction cnc machine, named T952 and presented for the first time at Stone+Tec 2018 in Nuremberg, is a perfect introduction to the "All-In-One" range.

    Presentation of the Thibaut "All-In-One" T952 multifunction machine

    This “All-In-One” machining center with a new 6-axis head as well as a new spindle entirely developed by THIBAUT, offers more rigidity and precision. This is why THIBAUT can be proud of having designed a machine able to cut as well as a sawing center, to machine as well as a machining center and to polish as well as a polishing center.

    In particular, you will find on the T952 the options that have made the success of the TC600 ("ACS" Angle Cut Solution and "AVS" Automatic Vacuum System) and of the T812 machining center (MODULO angle drive).

    ACS Angle Cut Solution

    Add to that the new "AR-3" polishing head and you get a combination of specific technologies originally from three different types of machines.

    t952 thibaut multifunction cnc machine

    Cost reduction

    These three functions merged into a single cnc machine will allow you to reduce handling times and thus increase productivity, all this with a smaller investment.

    service rate multifunction machine Thibaut T952 cnc machine

    Note however that the quality is not diminished as the frame and galvanized walls are guaranteed anti-corrosion and its very robust technical tilting table is designed to last.

    Toughness, precision and reliability are the key words of this THIBAUT novelty.

    In addition to the performance it offers, this "All-In-One" solution, thanks to its versatility, is particularly suitable for craftsmen who have a workshop producing kitchen tops or monuments, where it’s not possible to install several machines. The T952 avoids expensive costs in expanding or building a workshop.

    bridge saw polishing center working center T952 thibaut cnc machine

    The linear tools magazine is no exception and also responds to the versatility wanted for this product. In standard configuration it can accommodate up to 47 tools but it can be upgraded with different modules to include the polishing heads, the Modulo angle gear and two saw blades. In order to fulfill your needs it is also possible to install several tools magazines.

    "Design, safety and ergonomic."

    New design for a new range of cnc machines

    With its completely rethought design, enhanced safety and new ergonomic interface, THIBAUT is making the T952 the figurehead of its new generation of cnc machines.

    Thibaut t952 all in one cnc machine

    With the arrival of its newest addition, THIBAUT made a point of improving its machines safety while offering the operator an ergonomic use of the machine. The new doors, which reshape the design of THIBAUT machines, have been thought in this way.

    The self-supporting doors with large see-through surfaces and the control panel integrated in the door allows you to control the machine from your fingertips while having a good visibility of the machining area. The operator can nevertheless move safely in front of the machine thanks to the high polycarbonate doors that comply with the EC rules and regulations to ensure safety. Finally, above the stainless steel panel, a light strip sends visual signals to inform the user of the smooth running of the machining progress.

    New programming

    The brand new "Pilot" interface also fulfills its promise of an ergonomic and easy use.

    New features have been introduced such as the configuration and management of tools according to materials, machining simulation, library of parametric shapes,… They will make you more efficient and faster.

    The T952 is the result of 60 years of experience in the world of machining and polishing hard materials.

    This know-how has brought THIBAUT among the big manufacturers able to offers global solutions for decoration, monuments, and building… From the manual machine to the most automated systems.




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