• THIBAUT at Stone+Tec 2018

    THIBAUT at Stone+Tec 2018

    Stone+tec is the industry meeting point !

    The international trade fair for natural stone and stone technology in Nuremberg presents some of the world's leading products. The update for all those who work with stone! Meet the stonecutters and artists from Stone+tec - and meet thousands of other colleagues and experts at Stone+tec 2018.


    Thibaut will be present at this event from 13 to 16 June 2018.

    Would you like to come and see us? All you have to do is buy your tickets on the event website: buy your ticket

    Stone+tec celebrates its anniversary

    The internationally renowned trade fair for natural stone and stone technology will celebrate its 20th anniversary. The event debuted in 1979 under the title "Deutsche Naturwerksteintage" (German Natural Stone Meeting) with 89 exhibitors and 7,300 trade visitors.

    As its name suggests, at that time the emphasis was on local materials and the German market. The exhibitors also came exclusively from Germany.
    Today, representatives of masonry handicrafts and related industries are Stone+tec's most important target group. One of Stone+tec's main objectives in 2018 will therefore be to offer a platform where participants can work together to develop the craft of masonry and its materials, enhance opportunities and encourage the sharing of knowledge among professional colleagues.


    This year, a Thibaut machine is present in the promotional video of the event. This is our T812, more information about our T812 3 axis and T812 4axis.

    Numerous Thibaut machines at Stone+tec 2018



    CNC sawing center, the TC600 can be used as a traditional sawing machine but also as a machining center, thanks to its 5 axes. Due to its beam of 1500 kg and its total weight of 6,2 tons, this machine is sturdy and largely dimensioned. The choice of materials and guidings guarantees optimum and constant accuracy and cutting quality.s [...] Read more

    Stone+tec 2018, Nuremberg TC600 débiteuse

    T812 4axes L : Compact working center with working capacity !

    Compact working center with large working capacity : up to 3200 x 1500(L) / 1900 (XL) mm. Up to 46 tools in the magazine : the largest capacity of its category. Vertical stroke 400 mm : Work on thick slabs (dimensional, monuments). Pneumatical pressure [...] Read more

    Stone+tec 2018, Nuremberg Centre d'usinage T812L 3 axes

    T658 : CNC multipurpose edge profiling and polishing center

    THIBAUT kwow-how combines easy programming, spindle power, a large tool magazine to use varied tools such as drums, B3 polishing head (patented), blades (up to Ø300 mm), plates, milling and calibrating wheels, drill from Ø17 to Ø100 mm, brushes, etc… [...] Read more

    Stone+tec 2018, Nuremberg Edge polishing center T658

    THIBAUT exclusive....world premiere.....

    Stone+tec 2018, Nuremberg

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