• Marbrerie Provençale, know-how and innovation at the service of unique projects.

    Marbrerie Provençale, know-how and innovation at the service of unique projects.


    An Interview with Denis Riocreux, manager of the company since 1985, marble fabricator for 3 generations:

    « I have known Thibaut since the beginning of my marble fabricating career in 1976. Since then, I took over a company that already owned a Thibaut polishing machine. At the Carrara Fair in 1990, I saw the Thibaut GB110 jenny lind machine which I didn't choose immediately. I called a colleague who was equipped with several Thibaut machines and he advised me to buy it, in which I did !

    I started in marble industry on my own and today there are 12 of us. We have a turnover of one and a half million euros.

    We specialise in fabrication of personalized projects for architects, designers, decorators, cabinet makers, landscape designers... We mainly manufacture luxury “calepinés” bathrooms (60% of our activity), “calepinés” floors (30%) and premium kitchens (10%). As far as kitchens are concerned, we now work exclusively with private individuals. Our company focuses on quality rather than quantities. In 2017, we produced seven custom luxury bathrooms and forty kitchens.


    Marbrerie Provençale
    Machine Thibaut T108



    We invest a lot of time on research and development in order to create new workpieces in collaboration with the designers. Precision and a quality finish are extremely important in our industry.

    We have a TC600 Bridge Saw to carry out precision operations, a 5-axis T858 machining center to make dimensional workpieces, a T108 for manual finishing and for drilling. Our latest acquisition is a waterjet cutting machine TWJ3317. We believe that having a water jet machine is a competitive advantage. For the moment, we are testing the possibilities of this machine.

    I have been loyal to Thibaut for many years because they have always responded to my needs. I have bought around fifteen machines since the beginning of my career. My operators find the software interface quite user-friendly and nice.

    Thibaut's after-sales service has always been responsive. A machine without any problems does not exist! In the event of an incident, Thibaut is there, this is not the case for everyone. I find that their customer service is evolving positively with the remote connection of the machines and their new ticket system. This provides the history of incidents and of questions on the machines for a better understanding."

    Website : http://www.marbrerie-provencale.com

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