What is a CNC machine for natural stone?

What is a CNC machine for natural stone?

Definition of a CNC machine centre

The CNC machine centre is known for its very high efficiency and precision when producing parts in large quantities. Also known as a machine tool, it is widely used in the industrial sector in the fields of funerals, decoration, roads, architectural concrete, construction etc. Highly appreciated in heavy machining techniques, this machine is perfectly suited for large dimension products. It is capable of machining all kinds of finished products and materials. It is possible to customize it with different tools (AR-3 head with 3 oscillating segments, MODULO: 3-function angle gear with automatic tool change,…), to adapt it to any project. The THIBAUT company is known and recognized as a manufacturer of CNC (computer numerical control) machines and ultra high-performance adapted solutions.

Centre d'usinage T918 4 axes
Centre d'usinage Thibaut T858 V2 pour le béton 5 axes
Centre d'usinage Thibaut T818 M3 3 ou 4 axes

Types of CNC machining centers

The horizontal

Among these CNC machining centres, the most popular of all is the horizontal model. This model is especially suitable for machining large workpieces.

With the CNC horizontal machining centre, the chip evacuation system is much simpler than on other models without the risk of considerable overlapping.

The vertical

It offers greater stability to heavy and imposing finished products and can be classified in subfamilies :

  • the 5 Axes
  • the pendulum 3 and 4 Fixed table axes
  • the pendulum 3 and 4 Axis with movable table

The X, Y and Z axes are axes for translating the part, the additional axes tilt it with respect to the end of the spindle. The 5-axis machining centre can machine almost any surface with optimum cutting speed.

With swivel spindle

It can tilt in 2, 3 or even several directions and can perform several jobs simultaneously. The spindle is supported by a rigid gantry that allows the movements to be carried out in accordance with the information programmed by the operator.

Centre d'usinage T812 V4 3 axes
Centre d'usinage Thibaut T858 5 axes

The numerically controlled machining centre

It is capable of working complex shapes without having to move the piece to be worked on, which is ideal for giving it maximum performance and true autonomy. In many cases, this machine has one or more magazines where the different tools are stored and an automatic system for loading and unloading them. The heads are programmed and regulated to change tools according to the digital definition of the product.

These numerically controlled devices are the most commonly used:

  • in milling
  • on location
  • reaming
  • drilling
  • surfacing
  • 3D finishing
  • thread

T’CAD T’CAM: a powerful drawing and machining software

Our machine tools are supplied with CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing) T’CAD T’CAM 3D software, one of the most powerful software on the market, and the innovations it has at its disposal are specific to the transformation of hard materials. This solution is aimed both at beginners via the wizard, which provides information on how to proceed, and at experienced operators. This system offers the possibility of visualising parts in 3 dimensions and programming machining and polishing operations from the simplest to the most complex.

Some devices allow the transformation of metal parts by turning, milling and drilling. Others use certain machining techniques such as casting non-metallic parts. THIBAUT machines do not machine metal.

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thibaut CNC machining centre / T812 V5 M / 3 or 4 axis
thibaut CNC machining centre / T812 V5 / 3 or 4 axis
thibaut CNC machine / T818 M4 V3 TOPS / 4 axes
thibaut CNC machine / T858 V2 for concrete / 5-axis
thibaut CNC machining Centre / T858 V2 / 5 axis