• Our advice during lockdown

    Our advice during lockdown

    Since the beginning of March, following the progression of the COVID-19 virus, the vast majority of our customers are experiencing a slowdown or complete standstill.
    The return to normal in a few weeks will certainly saturate the activity of our teams.
    Our Customer Service will be directly impacted by the postponement of maintenance operations and parts orders, which will be repositioned in the middle and end of the year.
    This will also be the case for all our suppliers.
    This is why we would like to remind you that we have introduced work from home for our Customer Service technicians. They are therefore currently able to meet your needs as usual.

    Thus, in order to anticipate the return to normalin the best conditions, we invite you to follow the advice listed below:

    • Do not cut the power supply to the machines.

    This will maintain the temperature of the electronic components and thus avoid short-circuits when the power is restored.

    • Clean the machines.

    Maintenance improves the condition of the equipment, allows you to check its condition and thus anticipate possible repairs.

    • Carry out the maintenance mentioned on the machines and in the manual.

    You can also access the manuals for your machines* by connecting to your Thibaut Customer Space.
    Example of actions: lubrication, replacement of spindle ball bushings, etc.
    (* : if the link is non-existent, please contact Customer Service via the tickets)

    • Identify defective parts or parts that need to be replaced in order to place an order before activity restarts.

    As explained above, the objective is to be able to take advantage of the parts currently in stock and prevent the risk of damage to the machine.
    Customer Service is operational via tickets and the shipment of parts is maintained.
    This period of forced confinement can also be an opportunity for you to :

    • Complete and improve your knowledge by remote training on the software (via THIBAUT SUPPORT). 

    Our technicians who usually traveland our trainers can bring their practical and theoretical knowledge in order to optimize the use of the software.

    • Discover the new software available THIBAUT to improve the performance of your machines and establish a future transition program (remote demonstration).

    We thank you in advance for your understanding and assure you of our continuing support and presence, even in a limited way, so that the restart may take place in the best possible conditions.
    In the meantime, please take good care of yourself and those around you,
    Yours sincerely,

    THIBAUT team 



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