What is a real multifunction CNC machine in the stone industry?

What is a real multifunction CNC machine in the stone industry?

It is a versatile, high-performance CNC machine capable of replacing a cutting centre, a machining centre and a polishing centre all in one single CNC machine.

t952 cnc multifunction machine thibaut

Who better than a T952 client to describe its versatility:

« Our latest investment is the T952 All-in-one series. This ultra-versatile machine allows us to produce more complex funerary monument pieces and is also very efficient for decoration! »

A client with a T952 in the monuments industry

Top 8 reasons to have a Multifunction T952 Thibaut machine

1. The spindle motor: the heart of the machine

Thanks to a Thibaut-designed electro-spindle, it combines the necessary performance (torque & power) of a cutting spindle, a machining spindle and a polishing spindle.

spindle motor t952 multifonctions thibaut

2. Space saving

Having a single machine capable of doing all three operations in the stone industry, makes it possible to optimise the available space to the maximum. No more need to move or enlarge your professional premises to accommodate a new machine.

customer cnc machine t952 multifonctions thibaut

3. Quick R.O.I (return on investment)

Because of its versatility, you will use it much more intensively than if you had three separate machines, with a reduced investment. This way, your return on investment will be fast.

service rate cnc T952 thibaut

4. An innovative 6th axis

The new multi-directional 6-axis THIBAUT head (“6th axis” pneumatic pressure) provides unrivalled polishing quality and high productivity.

polishing marble t952 cnc thibaut

5. Increased capacity for tools in the magazine

The linear tool magazine can accommodate up to two 47 tool magazines, a total of 94 positions, which is essential to meet the diversity of materials that can be machined. The machine can also be equipped with several discs (granite, marble, ceramics, Dekton, ...).

tool magazines for machining, cutting and polishing stone t952 multifunction thibaut

6. The ACS/AVS combination 

ACS: The THIBAUT Angle Cutting Solution using a jigsaw. Protection system for inside and outside corners.

AVS: Automatic Vacuum System for handling pieces to make automatic cuts one after another.

This combination allows you to save 20% on otherwise wasted material.

7. Ease of use

The " Pilot® " interface developed for this machine has been designed to facilitate the use of the machine and of the various software installed depending on the operations to be carried out. Software developed by Thibaut's research and development department (Tcut, eTcam ,TCAD TCAM). They are the fruits of 60 years of experience.

pilot by t952 cnc multifonctions thibaut

8. Modern design and reinforced security

The new design of the T952, allows this multi-function CNC machine to have a transparent polycarbonate door structure that is self-supporting, therefore without contact on the floor. A control panel positioned on a door is composed of a 19-inch screen and equipped with a luminous strip that displays the operating status of the machine.

cnc t952 multifonctions thibaut


If you need more information, a quote or simply want to see this machine for a demonstration in our test workshop, there is only one solution: contact us now.

See the description of the T952.

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