• Interview with Paul Tuytelaers

    Interview with Paul Tuytelaers

    " The big advantage of the satellite head is that it saves us a lot of time with a better end result. " - Paul Tuytelaers

    Can you explain your history with Thibaut machines?

    Thibaut has been a supplier for Tuytelaers for many generations. We started to invest in Thibaut machines for producing monuments in the beginning and we found a great partnership in Thibaut. Our company grew bigger and so did Thibaut, we found each other in this collaboration. Actually we have Bridge Saw, CNC working center, Wire saw, Polishing machine from Thibaut.

    Which specific needs does each of your machine suit?

    Thibaut always thinks with us to make the best machine available to do the job it’s designed for. We appreciate the interaction between Thibaut and Tuytelaers. Thibaut is always ready to help us, the after-sale is very good and we think that’s a very positive point.

    What are your sectors of activity? Who are your customers?

    We started with monuments and grew into the building sector. We do a lot of wholesale but we also have a nice and big showroom for private sales. You can find everything you can imagine in natural stone, composite, quarzites and ceramics. Quality is always the main target for Tuytelaers, that’s why we produce kitchentops at small quantity to inspect our marbles and quarzites we buy directly from the quary.

    How many workpieces do you produce per week ?

    For the monuments we still produce more than 5000 pieces a year. We cut the big granite blocks in the desired slab thickness, then we polish the material and cut it to custom made monuments. In all this process we use the Thibaut machinery.


    What do you think about the thibaut satellite head ?

    The satellite head is a the latest innovation from Thibaut. The big advantage of the satellite head is that it saves us a lot of time with a better end result. Moreover, it is so light (10 kg), easy to use and very efficient !

    New Thibaut Satellite Head

    What kind of pieces do you produce with it ?

    We use the satellite head for all our finishing in the kitchen. We have only one but we are thinking about ordering more. We are very satisfied of this product !

    The advantages compared to competitors ?

    We believe in Thibaut because they produce a machine that fits the particular needs of our company. If we have a question or a problem we can’t solve, they are willing to think with us and always finds the best solution to our needs. We have a big trust in Thibaut.

    Would you recommend THIBAUT to other professionals and why ?

    Of course we do! We promote for the full 100% Thibaut. Tuytelaers is convinced that Thibaut is one of the best in its branch. Like always our clients are welcome to visit our company and watch the Thibaut machines in full action.

    Website : www.tuytelaers.be

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