How many kitchen countertops can a bridge saw cut in 8 hours?

How many kitchen countertops can a bridge saw cut in 8 hours?

With Thibaut’s TC625 TOPS 5-axis CNC cutting machine and with only one operator, it is possible to cut 12 kitchen worktops in 8 hours!

If you’re looking for productivity and peace of mind to focus on growing your business, this 5-axis numerically controlled cutting machine is your solution. The 5-axis bridge saw TC625 offers advantages that are unique in the market:

Monobloc => cheaper
M (Mechanically welded structure) => more ergonomic, the operator can move around the table
TOPS => more productive thanks to its conveyor belt and automatic loading table on trestles

Up to 20% savings on materials. The ACS (jigsaw) allows you to make the most of the slice, for example by cutting an L-shaped work surface without having to move it or by finishing cutting at right angles. It also allows you to have a smaller worktable, as there is no need to move the pieces to complete the cuts.

Thanks to the speed of its axes, the machine can remove up to 12 ceramic kitchen worktops in 8 hours.

THIBAUT machines are more robust and their weight reduces vibration and tool wear. We have seen a 10% saving in tool wear.

Simulation of an L-shaped kitchen worktop cut-out

It is made with a mitre cut at 45° and straight cuts at 90° with a special program for Dekton and Ceramic (thickness: 2 cm). Deceleration at the entry and exit of the disc on the boards.

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