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    The first smart hoseless and wireless pod ever!

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    You dreamt it, we did it!

    A revolutionary hoseless and wireless clamping system. Octopod works without ramp, or vacuum pump or hoses.
    Compatible with THIBAUT machines : T812, T818, T858, T918 new or recent.

    Saves up to 50% of time on the clamping system installation

    The Octopod is made of two main parts: the base and the upper part called “vacuum-top“ which is available in four different formats: two rounded shapes with 154 mm (6.06’’)  and 114 mm (4.49’’) diameter, and two rectangular shapes with dimension 250 x 35 mm (9.84 x 1.38’’) and 300 x 150 mm (11.8 x 5.9’’).


    The charging trolley (supplied with the kit) is made for battery charging and to store up to 24 Octopods.


    A « smart » wireless communication system ensures a continuous exchange between the machine and the Octopods. During machining, the level of depression of each Octopod

    is controlled by the machine, which offers a perfectly secure clamping. The identification of a possible leak on one of the Octopods is made much easier and faster than with a
    traditional system. The battery level of each Octopod is optimized, which enables a battery life of twelve hours. To recharge the Octopods, you simply need to place them on
    their charging trolley (supplied with the kit) during three hours for a full charge. Partial charging is also possible without negative effects on the batteries.


    – Designed to withstand the stonemasons’ environment
    – Water rinse approved
    – Corrosion optimized resistance


    – Easy access
    – Spare parts kit provided
    – Assistance when needed

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