Waterjet cutting machine / TWJ 3317 / 3 or 5 axis

Waterjet cutting machine / TWJ 3317 / 3 or 5 axis


The cutting system is a high-pressure water jet up to 4150 Bar/ 60 000 PSI (optional: 6000 Bar / 87 000 PSI ) generated by an intensifying pump. This high-pressure water is concentrated into a fine but very powerful water jet after going through an orifice.
In a mixing chamber just after the orifice, abrasives are added to the jet which reaches a speed of 900 m/s almost MACH 2. It then goes in a focalization tube to be projected onto the work-piece. The result is an abrasive jet of less than one-millimetre diameter capable of cutting the hardest materials.


A large working table enabling to cut the pieces of dimension 3300×1700 mm.
Thanks to the mobile machine arm, access to the table are eased. The operation can lay the slabs from all the table sides.
The working table is composed of galvanized vertical blades (S shape), stainless steel frame and grates on tank bottom for recovering of waste material which might have fallen.
Water level variation by Ballast system (quick and ecological). By raising slightly the water level above the slab one can cut with the same efficiency yet reducing drastically the sound level.


The NC controls the head movement following the program written into the NC or on PC.

The T’CUT software is identical to the software of the THIBAUT NC sawing machines.
Work-pieces are positioned on the working table. The table is in a stainless steel tank full of water.
Most of the materials do not require any clamping. The water in the tank absorbs the jet residual energy. The working table as well as the abrasive suction pipes positioned in the tank bottom (only with option abrasive muds evacuation) can be damaged or worn out by the jet if left idle a certain using time but can be replaced easily.


The VHP pump is integrated into the machine frame (backside) for space optimization. It is entirely controlled by the NC. The pressure is variable from 500 to 4150 bar / 7250 to 60000 PSI via IHM (option 6000 bar / 87 000 PSI).
This enables to drill with low pressure to avoid any splash or material breakage when the jet is opened in full material. Then, the NC controls high pressure automatically.

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