Manual Multifunction Machine / T108L V4

Manual Multifunction Machine / T108L V4

T108L: A dream comes true!

Manual Multifunction machine for thin materials (< 6 cm).

Functions: milling, drilling, milling of inside and outside in automatic mode, polishing, routing, calibrating, horizontal sawing, flat polishing …

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A multipurpose machine

The positioning of the pieces is made in a very simple and quick way thanks to clamping by vacuums on the whole surface of the tilting granite table.

The large working capacity (machining of pieces up to 3 m length) combined to a maximum vertical stroke of 400 mm allows processing kitchens of large dimensions as well as massive pieces for decoration and monuments.

The vertical pneumatic pressure gives an unequalled quality to polished surfaces.

A handy and ergonomic machine

The BT40 cone allows changing the tool very easily (no wrench, no efforts …).
A joystick controls the motorized moves, 4 vertical positions can be memorized.

The colour touch screen allows to visualize and program very easily the different parameters: the sequences, the speeds, the tooling types (54 tools), the automatic drilling (4 programs)

In series, the automatic vertical oscillation, as well as the pneumatic pressure, allows to get an unequal polishing quality and to optimize the life of the tools, for the work of edges as well as for the drainboards.

Quality, precision, reliability

The manufacturing of welded structure elements, the painting and assembling is made in our own workshops, which allows ensuring the quality of the manufacturing at all stages.
All the elements are oversize. The granite table 120 mm thickness ensures excellent reliability and extreme precision.

Spindle motor  (6,1 kW(S6) at 1500 rpm)

Variable speed from 250 to 10000 rpm

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Brendan Dervan :

We have a 108L that is cutting out every few minutes. Can you help with a solution. Machine No is 524 year 2003 The spindle revolutions cuts out every few minutes.??? Regards Brendan

2020-06-10 11:02:07

They bought it

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