Edge Polisher / TEP8.33

Edge Polisher / TEP8.33

The new automatic edge-polisher TEP 8.33 is designed to get high production and excellent polishing quality.

A robust machine that allows different types of automatic processing such as calibration, polishing, beveling and grooving with various tilting degrees.


Technical data:

Front spindles 8
Bevelling spindles 3+3
The diameter of the wheel 200 mm
The diameter of the disc 300 mm
The diameter of the abrasive heads 130 / 150 mm
Min/Max Working thickness 15 / 100 mm
Speed of the conveyor belt 10 / 2300 mm/min
Water consumption 90 l/min
Max power 30 kW
Dimensions 5500 x 2000 mm
Weight 4600 kg

Other technical data:

– the positioning system of abrasives in the middle of the working slabs;

– anti-corrosion treatment with painting application

– the possibility to plan the length of the edge to be polished;

– protection covers and main electrical board in stainless steel;

– the conveyor belt runs on cold drawn flat stainless steel bars of 12 mm.

The “Floating” system

The “Floating” system allows the polishing spindles to oscillate +1° or – 1° to ensure that the stone is polished to optimum quality.

Floating system

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