Edge polisher / T658 V2 / 4-axis

Edge polisher / T658 V2 / 4-axis

The new T658 has been redesigned to be as versatile, efficient and self-sufficient as possible. Thanks to the wide range of functions and capacities this machine is unique. With the added power of the spindle (11.1 kW – S6) and the dimensions of the workable pieces, it makes it well suited for monuments, countertops, construction etc.
Its magazine can hold up to 25 tools, allowing a multitude of operations to be carried out thanks to the automatic tool change. Finally, its new design ensures easy access to the table and enhanced safety for the operator.

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Technical data :

Working capacity mm
Length from 0 to 3600
Thickness from 10 to 380

t658 maffre

X A galvanised welded frame
Y Painted welded cross-carriage
Z Painted welded vertical trolley
A Rotation +/- 90°

t658 v2 thibaut

Spindle motor power: 11.1kW (S6)

Tool rotation speed: 0/5000 rpm

Tools: BT40 tool change

Double watering: central with clear water and external with recycled water.

Standard equipment :

Rotary tool magazine 25 positions Clamping bridge
Retractable trueing bar Spindle with pneumatic pressure
Control board Automatic tilting system for the table
Automatic turning plate Stainless steel protection
Sharpening stone Digital callipers
Digital height gauge capacity 300 mm


PAC-3 arises polishing head AR-3 satellite heads
Sharpening stone Side trueing


Includes :

Pilot® Interface developed by Thibaut

logo pilot by thibaut

Another version available:

TOPS (Thibaut Optimized Processing Solution): Same machine but with automatic workpiece transfer system

Customer Service Thibaut :

Débiteuse Thibaut TC625 5 axes découpe pierre Service client Thibaut

Nos machines sont reliées à une connexion internet et équipée d’un logiciel de connexion à distance avec pare-feu. Cela permet le rapide diagnostic et l’intervention à distance de nos techniciens du Service Client Thibaut.

Un Espace Client Thibaut vous permettra un accès à la documentation disponible de vos machines Thibaut et vous pourrez y formuler vos demandes auprès du Service Client Thibaut.

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