Their purpose is to define the essential terms of delivery agreed between the parties.


The Purchasing General Conditions apply to the purchase of components related to BOMs of our machine.
These conditions come into force on May 1st 2024.


All tools and equipment purchased by the THIBAUT Group are the exclusive property of the THIBAUT Group and may not be modified, loaned or transferred without the prior written agreement of the THIBAUT Group Purchasing Department.
Also, in the event of withdrawal of tooling, for reasons contrary to the supplier’s initial commitments or any other change (part price, non-quality, incompatible lead time, contractual conditions that have changed, etc.), it may not be invoiced before removal.
All tools and equipment must be identified in accordance with the specifications requested by the purchasing department (riveted or screwed identification plate with tool code and owner’s name).


The order will be drawn up in accordance with the price list negotiated with the purchasing department. Any modification of the order must be clearly indicated in the order acknowledgement (ARC).
The THIBAUT Group reserves the right to renegotiate an established price list at any time.
The supplier must acknowledge receipt of the order within 72 hours by e-mail addressed to the persons who issued the order and are responsible for tracking orders.
If no acknowledgement is received within 72 hours, the order will be considered accepted (reference, lead time, quantity, delivery address, purchase unit and price).
The payment terms agreed between the THIBAUT Group and the supplier will be mentioned on the orders.
The THIBAUT Group’s terms of payment are: 45 days end of month by bank transfer.


Products, components and materials must be delivered on the day indicated on the THIBAUT group order.
Early delivery is tolerated by telephone call and in agreement with the procurement department.
Any potential delay in delivery must be reported by the supplier as far in advance as possible.
For payment, the initial date will be retained except in the event of delay.
Any overrun of the deadline not notified by the supplier at least 15 calendar days before the scheduled delivery date will be taken into account in the supplier’s rating.


Each container or package must bear a label or document stating:
– THIBAUT part number and name
– Quantity delivered
– Batch number (order number, OF number, etc.), date of manufacture and serial number.


The THIBAUT Group expects its partners to ensure that the packaging in which the parts are placed corresponds to the expected quality.
Any unsuitable packaging (which does not guarantee the integrity of the part) may be the subject of a non-conformity, with the cost charged directly to the supplier concerned.

For information: 20% of non-conformities are due to unsuitable packaging.


For orders of raw materials (steel, stainless steel…), it is specified that the order must be accompanied by certificates of analysis (or conformity). Failure to deliver this document will result in a reminder and, in the event of recurrence, a quality complaint.

For components made to drawing, the supplier must be able to send the quality control certificate on request, within 24 hours.


Delivery documents must include THIBAUT Group order references.
All deliveries must be accompanied by :
– A Delivery Note indicating the product reference and THIBAUT Group article code, the corresponding purchase order number, the quantity delivered and the batch number.
– Certificate of Analysis or Conformity requested for raw materials
– Compliance report (if requested)
Please note: Deliveries may be made to the Castres or Vire sites. A delivery to the wrong address will result in a new delivery to the right address by the supplier or, failing that, a flat-rate re-invoicing and a delay in supplier payment.
This will have an impact on the supplier’s rating (lead time and quality).
Deliveries will take place: Monday to Friday: 8.00 am to 3.00 pm

10) Quality

The THIBAUT Group must not be informed of any modification to the reference or manufacturing process.
Any modification must be the subject of a presentation of initial samples, a request for a derogation, and possible tests, for validation.
Suppliers are subject to an annual assessment, which is sent to them for information and corrective action if necessary.
Incoming products are subject to administrative and quality control. In the event of non-conformity, this will lead to a complaint or a supplier alert.
Any costs arising from non-conforming products detected within the THIBAUT Group or at its customers’ sites are chargeable to the supplier, after having clearly demonstrated its responsibility.
The supplier authorizes the THIBAUT group to carry out any audit of its processes or quality system with access to related documents, records and results.
The Thibaut Group will provide an annual SUPPLIER QUALITY COMMITMENT request, mentioning objectives in terms of :
– Number of incoming inspection or production complaints
– Service rate
If we do not receive a reply from you within 8 days, we will assume that you have accepted all these conditions, and will apply the terms of this document accordingly.

11) Scale of non-quality costs

The minimum cost is the administrative cost per quality claim: Fixed price: 50 Euros
Depending on the case, additional costs may be added:
a) Scrap cost :
+ On bare parts: The price of the part purchased
+ On assembled parts :
– If impossible to disassemble: Price of finished part.
– Otherwise: Price of purchased part + Cost of intervention operation.

b) Cost of returning part to supplier:
The supplier is responsible for recovering non-conforming parts by his own means.
If the parts are not recovered within 1 month, they will be scrapped at the supplier’s expense (see previous point).

c) Sorting and rework costs :
– In-house  60 Euros / hour or supplier can send a temp.
– On the customer’s premises  passed on to the customer’s invoice
– Special transport  Actual cost

12) Quality commitment

Our customers always aim for “0 defects”.
This objective implies the implementation of analyses and action plans to eradicate the causes of non-conformity.
To achieve this, we must constantly improve, and this means involving our suppliers in the following objectives:
– Zero major* complaints for the year
* major claim = claim costing more than the minimum administrative cost per quality claim.
– Service rate: 100%.

THIBAUT Group Purchasing Department