Diamond Wire Saw / TSC2100 2C F or M

Diamond Wire Saw / TSC2100 2C F or M

Double wire saw machine for block sawing on Fixed or Mobile structure.


Adjustable double wire saw machine for block sawing.

Runway for a better autonomy.

Runway length 39.37’.

Cuts from 1.65’’ to 15.75’’ mm width.
Programmable controller using the touch screen :
• Multi block programming
• Management of distance between wires and ramp
• Wire bow management
• Wire thickness taken into account
• Record of square meters cut by each cable

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Torger Lingelem :

Dear sirs. the We are going to buy a Roller wire saw. Have got an offer from Pellegrini but are interestet to get a price and more detailed information from you also. How about the double wire. What is the possible adjustment between the two wires. can this be done automatically and preprogrammed diferently for different blocks during a night session? We will have a board meeting on monday so if you can send me info and an offer including the setup here in Larvik Norway? I have worked with Larvik Granite before and now we work with Lundhs and produces Blue pearl Laevikite.

2020-12-03 12:02:30

They bought it

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