Flat Polisher / T500 V2

Flat Polisher / T500 V2

A multipurpose machine

More than only a flat polisher, the T500 can perform various operations like bushhammering, calibrating with satellites head, or texturing works using the THIBAUT expertise that has developed for many years.

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The T500 can work on various types of materials, such as concrete, marble, granite, or even glass…, even on concave or convex surfaces. To comply with your needs, the T500 can be configurated in different solutions, with 2 different traverse capacities ( 2220 or 3170 mm ), with automatic tool change, with mechanical or motorized stop…etc
The runway length is adjustable according to your needs and your workshop area.

An extremely sturdy machine

THIBAUT used all its expertise for the conception of this machine, as well as its knowledge of polishing techniques. The result is an extremely sturdy machine, with a bridge and a vertical carriage in cast iron put on a runway using real train rails ( Very High-Speed Train ), carefully calibrated. Choosing a T500 flat polisher is choosing the sturdiest machine of its category, able to achieve an excellent polishing quality, and for a long time.

Easy programming

The T500 is very easy to program and use, thanks to a friendly interface. The machine is delivered with built-in parameters, that are adjusted during the commissioning.
Optional, the program for irregular shapes gives you the possibility to take into account the real shape of the pieces to work on, and so to save a lot of time (the head does not work on a basic rectangular shape but follows the real piece shape)
Optional too, you can program the position and the size of eventual openings (in the case of concrete panels).

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Hi I will like a quote on the flat polishing machine please. Thank you.

2020-08-03 13:59:28

They bought it

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