• Second hand T108S multipurpose milling and polishing machine


    T108S multipurpose milling and polishing


    Equipped with :

    – metal support to fix the machine onto the ground

    – spindle motor with variable rotation speed 250 to 10000 Rev/mn

    motor power 5,1 kW –  1500 Rev/min

      (for milling, polishing, routing, drilling, fluting ….)

    – pneumatic booster for tools removal

    – pneumatic equipment assuring the pressure, stroke 60 mm,

    with pressure regulator

    – air automatic filtration system

    – double watering

    – vertical shifting (Z) of the spindle motor on linear precision guidings

    stroke 300 mm, protection by bellows

    – vertical movement by variable speed gear motor

    and precision ball screws

    – automatic vertical oscillation (or by impuls)

    – manual centralized oiling

    – programmable controller

    – stainless steel control board with tactile screen

    – visualization X and Z

    – ergonomic handling lever

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                     Multifunction Machine / T108L V4
                     Multifunction Machine / T108S V4

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