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    A big working capacity for a real production center.

    With its 6 simultaneously interpolated axis and a very performing software specially developed for stone working, the THIBAUT TRANSFORMER is a high-performance multipurpose machine which allows complex shaping and polishing operations.


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    A transformer, why ?

    Handling time saving : the sixth axis allows to work 5 faces without having to move the piece. Achievement of complex pieces : the sixth axis allows to finish completely the most complex pieces : sculptures, inclined chamfers (whatever the angle, the sphere, the concave parts are , …). These operations cannot be easily achieved with traditional machines.
    Achievement of pieces with big thicknesses : the sixth axis allows to produce pieces in 3 dimensions with big thickness (massive works), works being at the same time curved and moulded that could generally be found for big architectural elements (archs, ribs, lintels, keystones, rose windows, …) or for monument decoration (statues, busts, basins, fountains, columns, …).
    Overall dimensions : the ratio between the machining volume and the necessary volume for the machine layout is particularly interesting. This ratio is much more advantageous for the transformer than for the 5 axis machine for example.

    T’CAD T’CAM software

    This software by itself allows to make the transformer run safely whereas the present offer of the market requires the use of several softwares. THIBAUT offers the same software for his 3, 4, 5 axis and for his Transfomer.

    A big working capacity for a real production center.

    The compact spindle allows a very big accuracy in the machining operations. Thanks to a maximum speed of 10 000 rpm, tools of very small diameter such as engraving tools can be used. This is a machine of very big capacity, action radius 3000 mm; The 21-spaces magazine, plus one specific space for the blade, enables a high running autonomy, even for the very wrought pieces.

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