CNC machine / T918 / 4 axes

CNC machine / T918 / 4 axes

Our know hows together : 3 machines in one !

The  T918  is a totally new concept gathering in one machine only, all the functions required in a workshop


  • SAWING : with a disc up to 420 mm diameter, to saw up to 110 mm thickness.
  • MILLING AND POLISHING : With the 3D T’CAD/T’CAM softwares and T’ART Option, everything is now possible for machining and polishing, without mentioning the rotation speed and the spindle power (25 kW – 5000 rpm) of monuments, or dimensional works.
  • TEXTURING : The machining and sawing functions combined to tools such as B heads, Frankfurt plates, bushhammering plates …. offer the possibility to create numerous finishing works and consequently, new texturing. Create easily complex and original pieces, no other machine can do so.


Exclusives THIBAUT equipments

  • Automatically adjusted vertical pneumatic pressure thanks to cylinders allowing to optimize the work of the tool on the slab (less tools wear for an increased life) giving an amazing polish finish similar to none.
  • B3 head with oscillating segments (Pad disc 140 mm long). Ideal for hard sursides or repolishing scratched surside.
  • Angle drive with automatic tool changing, for straight edges polishing. Allow square openings, polishing all the way to the corner with no manual intervention. Can also be used for grooving or polishing curved edges.

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