• CNC machine / T818V3 M4 / 3 or 4 axes

    CNC machine / T818V3 M4 / 3 or 4 axes

    A very high working capacity for a genuine production center


    The big dimension of the working table (capacity up to 2000 x 3400 mm) with one of the largest tool capacity on the market (45 tools), make the T818M4 a high-performance production center. Access to the working table is very easy and the intuitive programming on its user-friendly control board makes work more comfortable everyday.

    An evolutive machining center easily integrable

    The T818M4 uses the same CAD CAM software as the sawing machines of the THIBAUT range. Thus, you make your drawing only once.

    Quality, precision and reliability

    The machining and drilling of the beam are made in one operation, thanks to our new CNC machining center of high capacity. This process allows an accurate work 1/100 mm and a perfect alignment of the rails, which means for you, accuracy, reliability and longevity for your T818M4.

    All the elements are widely dimensioned to ensure a perfect rigidity and a better vibrations absorption.

    The manufacturing of the welded structure elements, the machining, the painting and the assembling is made in our own workshops ; this allows to get the quality under control during all the manufacturing steps.

    Angle drive with automatic tool changing for 3 functions (4 axes)

    For straight edges polishing. Allow square openings, polishing all the way to the corner with no manual intervention. Can also be used for grooving or polishing curved edges.

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