Edge polisher with automatic loader / T658 TOPS

Edge polisher with automatic loader / T658 TOPS

Edge polisher with the automatic loader of pieces / T658 TOPS

This Thibaut edge polisher is distinguished by the great variety of functions, the spindle power of 8.8 kW (S1) and the size of the parts that can be produced make it a unique machine for various and varied sectors: funeral, decoration, building …

Its strong points: its ease of use, its versatility, its Thibaut electroboche and its great autonomy. You make the program, load and let the polisher work.


Edge polisher operating cycle with the automatic loader of pieces T658 TOPS :

1 – The operator loads the workpiece on the deposit area of the storage rack.

2 – The light curtains are activated and the carriage takes into account the removal of the workpiece.

3 – The trolley stores the workpiece in the storage rack.

4 – The trolley picks up the workpiece from the storage rack.

5 – The carriage loads the workpiece onto the machine’s deposit area. Working phase. The trolley unloads the workpiece.

6 – The carriage deposits the workpiece in the storage rack.

7 – The carriage picks up the workpiece from the rack.

8 – The trolley deposits the workpiece on the storage rack’s depositing area and the light curtains are deactivated.

9 – The operator unloads the workpiece.


Technical characteristics :

Working capacity of the edge polisher

Length 3600 mm

Thickness 10 à 350 mm


Material Shafts

Welded galvanized

Painted mechanically-welded

Painted mechanical-welded


Tilt A axis: +/-90°.

Pneumatic pressure: by pneumatic cylinders, electronically and automatically regulated according to the orientation of axis A.

Spindle motor power: 8.8kW (S1)

Tool rotation speed: 0/5000 rpm

Tool change: BT40 common to THIBAUT machines

Voltage: 400V/50Hz


Standard equipment :

Rotating tool magazine 21 slots

Double coolant system

Parts storage rack 7 slots

Light curtains

Control panel with touch screen from 15″

Automatic lubrication unit


Options :

2nd storage rack


Programming :

Simple interface: The Human/Machine interface is simple, fun and innovative. It is similar to the one found on tablets or smartphones, both in “touch” navigation and in information entry.

Fast programming: Dimensions and thickness of the parts are automatically done thanks to a laser. Association of a machining model previously programmed for each part.

Parameter setting of the machining sequences: To facilitate the parameter setting of the machining operations, the sequences of the same type are classified according to a colour code.

Tool Library: Storage of tool settings and time-saving programming.

CAD drawing: Allows you to draw any type of profile.

Simulation: Overview of machining in 3D simulation.

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