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    Machining center T858V2, with its 5 interpolated Axes, is a versatile machine with high performances to achieve complex 3D shaping and polishing operations for architectural concrete market. The T858V2 has a very performing software specially developped for strong materials industry.
    The compact spindle brings great neatness in machining operations, and the maximum speed of 10,000 rev/min allows the use of very small diameter tools, such as engraving tools. Available in several versions : monobloc, concrete or welded walls (several lengths of runway available). Depending on the version, the number of locations in the tool magazine varies from 36 to 135, allowing a wide operating range.

    Exclusives THIBAUT equipment

    Pneumatic pressure associated with the spindle

    World premiere on a 5 axes machining center: working in all directions and automatically controlled. Allows polishing of surfaces, arrows, fleeing chamfers and thick edges. Arises quality and speed of polishing, reduces tools wear.

    B3 head with oscillating segments (Pad disc 140 mm long).

    Ideal for hard surfaces or repolishing scratched surfaces.

    Angle drive with automatic tool changing, for straight edges polishing.

    Allow square openings, polishing all the way to the corner with no manual intervention. Can also be used for grooving or polishing curved edges.


    • 45 spaces for tools Ø maxi 150 mm
    • Equipped with a retractable protection housing
    • Possibility to program up to 150 tools
    • Optional: 2 additional rows for a total of 90 spaces


    Z vertical stroke = 800/1200 mm

    Power 12/22 kW

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    Note : 4.8/5 based on 57 reviews

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