• Interview with Ceramica, represented by Francesca Fusaro

    Interview with Ceramica, represented by Francesca Fusaro



    Can you explain your history with Thibaut machines?
    Our former workshop located in Chelles (77) was small and the machines were over 20 years old. In 2015, we decided to move our marble workshop to Pontault-Combault where our store and our warehouse already existed. This "new generation" workshop was equipped with 4 modern machines and a digitalization device (measurement device).

    Which specific needs does each of your machine suit?
    Each machine has a coordinated use within our workshop. We use our TC600 CNC sawing center for all the workpieces that we produce: cutting of kitchen tops, washbasins, pavements, door steps… We use our TC04 CNC machine for the same workpieces as well.
    Our T812 CNC machining center enables us to open and polish recesses, make drain slopes for basins and shower trays or grooves for kitchen tops.
    Our waterjet machine TWJ4020 facilitates and improves precise cutting on natural stone as well as on ceramic.

    What are your sectors of activity? Who are your customers?
    We have diversified our activities over time. Today we can offer our customers a turnkey bathroom. For example, for a typical bathroom, we can supply the floor and wall covering, the faucets, the lavatory, the furniture and the custom vanity.
    Our clientele is very heterogeneous: owners, decorators, architects, craftsmen, luxury hotels, restaurants, bars and discotheques, public establishments and of course individuals. Moreover, private individuals are no longer satisfied with anonymous and standardized services. Nowadays, the demand is strongly focused on a craft and natural style. Custom-made work with noble materials such as marble, quartz or granite is one of our company assets because it is a source of prestige and quality.

    How many workpieces do you produce per week?
    Our main activity is the production of workpieces for bathrooms. The machines enable us to cut workpieces for door steps, shelves, pavements, walls or washbasins with assembled sinks if necessary. As far as kitchens are concerned, we produce about 3 to 5 kitchens a week.


    machine découpe jet d'eau THIBAUT TWJ4020
    Centre d'usinage CN  THIBAUT T812
    TC 600 Thibaut


    A few years ago, how did you manage the transition from older machines to recent CNC machines?
    The transition was complicated especially for people who were not used to technology and digital. But it was only a matter of time and training.

    What do you think of the THIBAUT software interface?
    The interface is intuitive but the machines are quite complex. There is therefore a need for training beforehand during a couple of days in order to master the steps to follow and to get to know the Thibaut machines interfaces.

    Why have you chosen to buy Thibaut machines in recent years?
    Thibaut machines suit our needs well and they have a comprehensive range of machines. We also use our measurement device, the TC600 for the cuts, the waterjet for the porcelain stoneware and specific cuts and the T812 for all the recesses, grooves and other operations.
    Having the same brand for all the machines is an asset especially for the maintenance. We can take advantage of the technician's knowledge to ask questions about other machines without wasting time.

    Would you recommend THIBAUT to other professionals and why?
    Yes, we recommend the THIBAUT brand to other professionals, because the machines are of high quality and suit our needs well. Their maintenance /after-sales service is also satisfying.

    For the moment we are not planning to make further investments but rather to make our investment profitable. In the future, we may invest in other machines because we evolve with the trends.

    Ceramica website

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