• Thibaut Marmo + Mac bei Verona im Jahr 2017.

    Thibaut Marmo + Mac bei Verona im Jahr 2017.

    THIBAUT is exhibiting at Marmo+Mac show in Verona (Hall 4 – Booth F2-F3-G1G2-G3) from September 27th to 30th. We will display 7 machines and multiple equipments for machining all types of natural or agglomerated materials (ceramic, granite, marble, limestone, concrete, glass, engineered stone, slate…).
    Many new workpieces will be exhibited this year: kitchentops, bathroom, monuments…

    Exclusivity 2017

    The 3 & 4 axis machining center T818 M4 TOPS equipped with two transfer tables for the positioning of the workpieces in alternate processing. This machine is specially adapted for companies with high production needs. The clamping of workpieces is made using the revolutionary « Octopod »® system which enables accurate and repeatable positioning of workpieces. The machine will be presented in Verona with different workpieces showing the „before / after“ machining.


    Presented for the first time in 2015, Octopod® is the revolutionary hoseless and wireless clamping system operating with an integrated vacuum pump system and battery. Octopod® works without ramp, cumbersome and noisy vacuum pump or hoses. Octopod is compatible with all new or recent THIBAUT machines: T812, T818, T918. This system has already been sold to customers in Austria, France, Belgium, Australia, England, Hungary … The Octopod exhibit at MARMOMACC this year will offer visitors the opportunity to test the Octopods themselves. A variety of materials will be available for testing the Octopod system.  

    T818 TOPS centre d'usinage CN avec tables de transfert


    the new CNC multipurpose edge profiling and polishing center, for straight or profiled edges, with automatic tool changing. The multi-function profiling center can be used for memorials, countertops and building applications. T658 is very easy to use, versatile and has great autonomy with its 21-space tool magazine.      


    A genuine CNC sawing and milling center, approved for ceramics, with up to 5 axes, the TC600 allows you to link the cuts in all directions (straight or inclined) automatically without moving the slab. It can cut materials up to 200mm (7.87’’) thick and profile workpieces of any shape. Built on a monobloc frame, the 360° disc rotation makes the turning table unnecessary, (useless) making the machine very compact. The torque and variable speed (up to 6 000 rpm standard) of the spindle combined with the machine design allows you to achieve maximum cutting speed!  

    T658 thibaut machine scie horizontale
    T658 thibaut
    T658 thibaut
    T658 thibaut


    The only multipurpose sawing and profiling center with moveable beam, offering high capacity with minimum height. It easily allows high precision cuts in materials up to 500 mm (19.7’’) thick. With lots of power and torque available, thanks to its 44.4 kW spindle motor and variable speed from 0 to 6000 rpm, and the automatic tool changing, you can do so much more – drill, profile, mill, shape in 3 D…
    The Stone PolySphere will be exhibited this year again. This workpiece was designed by the world-renowned architects G. Fallacara & M. Barberio  


    The only milling and polishing center equipped with a 5-axes head with pneumatic pressure available in all directions. Its unique SCANBOX system automatically scan the workpieces. The machine can be used for multiple applications, including as monuments, dimensional and countertops.         

    TC1350V2 Thibaut
    T108S Thibaut
    polysphere marmomacc thibaut


    The standard in the world of Jenny Lind – easy to use, economical, compact and extraordinary quality. The manual multifunction machine remains a must for routing, milling, drilling, polishing, texturing, profiling…  

    TWJ 3317 3 & 5 axes

    TWJ 3317 3 & 5 axes : the new waterjet cutting machine from THIBAUT, ideal for cutting the simplest to the most complex shapes in any kind of materials : granite, marble, ceramic… Its very thin (1mm/ 0.039’’) and extremely powerful high-pressure water jet (up to 4000 bars / 58015’’ PSI) is capable of cutting the hardest material.
    The large table allows work on sizable or multiple workpieces. The ergonomics of the machine makes it easy for the operator to access the table.
    Two versions of this machine are available: TWJ 4020 with a 4 x 2 m (13.1’ x 6.6’) table, and TWJ 3317 with a 3.3 x 1.7 m (9.8’ x 5.6’) table      

    TSB will present its range of tools and accessories to work with any material.  

    Waterjet thibaut

    Workpieces in progress…

    DEKTON by Cosentino - Trilium
    DEKTON by Cosentino – Trilium

    Stand thibaut marmomacc 2017
    Stand thibaut marmomacc 2017

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